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Krushal Kiddz Dance Company

  "Annual recitals are where the studens have a chance to experience the thrill of the stage!"

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Mission Statement

Krushal Dance Company is a Inglewood based business, founded in 2013 by Ke’Aira Roberson. Our mission is to bring forth endless opportunities to both the fortunate and less fortunate by providing excellent technical training and to provide a facility for the inner city youth, to learn the various dance styles, at affordable costs.   Krushal Dance Company consists of three interrelated parts: Educational Mission, Krushal Kiddz Group Mission, and Krushal Inc. 

Educational Mission

For either the beginner or the experienced dancer, Krushal Dance Company provides a lively and welcoming environment for the dance enthusiasts of Inglewood and surrounding areas;  qualified dance instruction in a variety of styles for all levels of expertise.  From the classic to the modern, our certified and enthusiastic instructors offer a flexible and varied class schedule.

Krushal Kiddz Group Mission

To provide the focused and talented youth the opportunity to experience dance as a profession, perform locally, and enhance their unique expression.   At Krushal Dance Company we believe that dance has the power to promote a healthy self-image and enhance essential life skills that go beyond those acquired within our dance studio.  Our classes are specifically designed to promote creative self-expression and a positive self-image that ultimately encourages students to nurture, enjoy and benefit from the process of developing a true appreciation for dance in its many forms.

Krushal Inc Group Mission

To give adults and professional dancers of the Krushal Dance Company an outlet to continue working as artists, perfecting our skills, performing, and giving back to our communities the knowledge and experiences we've gained as professional dancers.


Ke'Aira Roberson -

 the founder, owner and choreographer of the Krushal Kiddz since 2006. She currently teaches ballet, tap, jazz and hip hop classes as needed.  Her works have been featured at the Showtime at the Apollo, Choreographers Carnival, Lula Washington's annual recital, 106th and Park, Nokia Live, African American Festival, Audio Push,  and more.  Ms. Roberson uses her artistic expression and natural abilities to impact and influence individuals from all walks of life. Furthermore, her unique style is carried throughout her career as a professional dancer.  Ke'Aira's credits include but are not limited to: Mariah Carey, Busta Rhymes, Snoop Dogg, Chris Brown, Ne-Yo, Boost Mobile, Pepsi, Kool-Aid, Macy’s, Mattel, Adidas  and more.  Ms. Roberson continues to study dance.  As early as 10th grade and for the next 6 years, Ke'Aira taught dance at Lula Washington Dance Theatre, and at the late Debbie Reynolds Studio.  She is currently a member of the Screen Actors Guild (SAG).  Additionally, she’s building her company and looks forward to the greater future. Ke'Aira Roberson has proven that there is no age limit when it  comes  to following your dreams!                                                  


At the young age of 14, Ke’Aira Roberson formed a dance group, “Krushal Kiddz", amongst her

peers and began demonstrating her artistic ability to choreograph. Through this establishment, 

Ms. Roberson was able to showcase her choreography and “Krushal Kiddz" at many venues,

including a 106 & Park showing in New York and Showtime at the Apollo.  Since then "Krushal 

Kiddz"  has charmed many stages; remaining an inspiration to young people.  As  adults, 

Ms. Roberson and her peers decided to pass down the “Krushal Kiddz" legacy to a younger

generation of kids and established an adult group called “Krushal Inc”. Miss Roberson now owns

her own dance company, Krushal Dance Company, with an educational program and both 

performance groups: the “Krushal Kiddz" performance group and the “Krushal Inc” adult group.     





Shaunee Breaux, Art Director___

Shaunee Breaux is currently serving as the Artistic Director for KKDC.  At a very young age she was identified as creative.  She chose fine arts as her means ofpositive expression.her early dance experience in the genres of ballet, tap and jazz , cheerleading and drill team helped shape her artistic abilities.

She  became a pioneer for the "clown dance" movement, after forming "Jus Clownin'" hip hop dancers in 2001.  She collaborated with the infamous Tommy the Clown and together the famous Battle Zone was created.  Shaunee Breaux continued to pursue her
education and in 2008 she received a Master's of Arts degree in Human Services, exploring business and grant writing.  Her additional creativity includes song writing, music productions, screen writing and project development.  KKDC welcomes her to their staff. 

De'Mar Singleton, Beg HipHop 

De'Mar, 33 years of age is a native of the Midwest. In 2010 he received a Bachelor of Arts  in Choreography, with a focus on Cultural Studies, from Columbia College Chicago.

Alongside of pursuing his degree in Dance he was an apprentice at Deeply Rooted Dance Theater, receiving intense training in various styles of Modern technique such as Dunham, Horton, Graham and Afro Pyrogramics, and multiple styles of Ballet and African,  
In 2012, Mr. Singleton, relocated to Los Angeles.

He worked on staff with Debbie Reynolds Professional Studio, worked with Chris Stokes, and Slick Rick; Taylor Swift, Akon, Maroon 5, Cedric The Entertainer, Chris Brown, Jayden and Willow Smith, and Kanye West.  He can be seen in Intel, Samsung national commercials.  

He is currently Associate Director of RMH Movement Dance Roots Company.  De'Mar, welcome to KKDC! 

Shawn Marsh, Acrobatics

Mr Marsh has 38 years of experience and is USA Gymnastic certified as well as Cheer Tumbling certified. His experience encompasses more avenues of gymnastics than most gymnasts see in a lifetime.  To ensure the quality of instruction and the personal commitment to students, Mr. Marsh is personally involved with every student's program.  

Shawn personally trained a Special Olympics gymnast who, under his guidance won 4 gold medals.  He also trained the famous martial artist Makoto Tanaka and rappelled as a stunt performer from the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror and Coming to America.

Mr. Marsh teaches various levels and ages, including specialized training enhancing strength and flexibility for elite gymnasts, cheerleaders, martial artists, dancer, adults, the physically challenged, actors and performers.  Welcome, Mr. Marsh!

Adama Ideozu, Inter Ballet, Jazz
Ms. Adama, began dancing at the age of 4.  She graduated for L.A. County High School for the arts where she worked with teachers and company members from companies of ABT, NY City Ballet, Pennsylvania Ballet, the Royal Ballet, the Martha Graham Dance Comapany, Sidra Bell, Paul Taylor, Mark Morris, Kyle Abrahams & Limon Dance Company.  Her addt'l training includes Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater, Alonzo Kings Lines Ballet, Hubbard Street Dance Chicago, Broadway Dance Center, Debbie Reynolds & Millenium.You can catch Adama on National commercials such as Apple, Converse, Uniqlo, directed by Solange Knowles & features films such as Avatar.  She has also worked under the direction of Lisa Bonet, Bad Boy R.  She has been performing on live stages for Disney, Ellen Degeneres as well as the Wallis Annenberg theater & Kennedy Center, for the JFK Centennial.  Ms. Adama works as a dance model, she has appeared in advertisements for Lancome.  She was a Silver place National award winner, singer, actress and dancer, Adama.