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  "Annual recitals are where the studens have a chance to experience the thrill of the stage!"

Thank You for your interest in our educational program!


Through proper training the child will develop good posture, poise, proper body alignment and grace. Dancing will increase flexability and improve coordination.  The class structure helps to control the over-aggressive one. Self-expression will be learned through the most beautiful of all the arts.  Additionally, dance performances will help the shy, self-conscience child. 

Dance is...the best exercise, medicinal, the best stress relief, more than movement, it's motivation and creativity. 


  Ballet      Jazz      Tap      Hip Hop     West African     Acrobatics   


is the foundation of ALL other dance forms.  Ballet technique is written in French, the traditional language of dance.  By learning the correct terminology of each movement will make it easier to execute.



is energetic and built on the fundamentals of ballet.  Without ballet training, a dancer will not fully grasp the body movement concepts of a great jazz dancer.



is a creation through a combination of African drumming & European step dancing.  It evolved into American form between the 17th &

19th centuries.  Today, plenty of people are finding out that tap dancing is as  much fun as it is healthy. Tapping is a great cardio workout and plenty of muscle toning exercise.  Put on your tap shoes; it's time to get fit!



refers to street dance styles, primarily performed to hip-hop music.  Hip-Hop evolved as part of a


It includes a wide range of styles.  What distinguishes hip-hop from other forms of dance is that it is often "freestyle" 

(improvisational) in nature.  Hip-Hop dance can be a form of entertainment or a hobby.   It can also be a way to stay active in c

ompetitive dance & a way to make a living by dancing




We offer kids classes (for girls & boys) starting at age 3


We can guarantee a positive and productive learning environment.


Welcome to our youth dance program! We are glad you are considering the Krushal Dance Company as your studio choice and we assure you that your child will receive a life enhancing experience.

Our warm and nurturing atmosphere promotes a healthy self-esteem and lifestyle for all students. Through our program, students will achieve the discipline necessary to become productive adults. With the help of our wonderful staff, all of whom have many years of dance experience, students will gain the right knowledge and dance abilities necessary to lead them to many opportunities in the dance industry. Furthermore, we strive for excellence and individuality.

This program offers open classes to students ages 3 and up, whether your child is serious about dance and/ or just wants to take dance class for recreational purposes.


Student must plan to arrive at least 5-10 minutes before class.  Dressed and ready for class.  Remember that a child's progress relies greatly on regular class attendance.  Visitors and parents are not allowed to view classes.  ALL student cell phones are to be put on silent, while in the studio.  Parents, please be prompt in picking up your child after class.  

Tuition - Effective January 2021

Based on the number of dance types (genres) taken and the level of dance.  

1 genres of dance costs $100/month.  

2 genres of dance costs $150/month.  

3 genres cost $175/month.  

4 genres costs $200/month.  

Our Bizee Bodee level (3 year old to 6 year old)  


1 to 2 styles for $100/month

3 to 4 styles for $150/month 


**Multiple sibling discounts available.

Dance students - $75 - $200/month (based on dance level)

Walk-in/Trial classes - $ 15/class/genre - based on class space availability

Privates - price Set by instructor

Annual re-registration - $40.  For additional information,  call (323) 208-7718                                     We accept - cash, check, Zelle 


"The beautiful thing about learning is that no one can take it away from you."  - BB King

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Drag above, below or to the sides of any module.